Penny Pines

Since launching a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service in 2004, National Garden Clubs Inc. (NGC) and its various affiliates across the country have collected well over $100,000 on the local and state level for the U.S. Forest Service's well-known Penny Pines program, which is dedicated to replanting damaged forested areas. These funds have taken root coast to coast, benefitting 80 national forests in 42 states.

NGC requests that donations be made in multiples of $68. This was the cost of planting 10 acres when the Penny Pines program was first started in California in 1941 as a statewide conservation program, and has been retained as a minimum donation through the years. According to Art Loesch, NGC Penny Pines chairman, $68 now covers the cost to plant approximately 350 seedlings, which translates to about one acre. These are replacements and/or trees indigenous (not only pine trees) to the particular damaged area, whether by fire or by other natural catastrophy. You may designate a specific State and/or National Forest you wish to have benefit from your contirbution. A $68 donation may be made in honor or in memory of ONE individual, organization or theme. NGC issues handsome personalized certificates recognizing donors or their honorees. Complete information is available on the NGC Web site at Find the link to Penny Pines under the President's Ongoing Projects. There you can find a Penny PInes Fact Sheet, as well as the Donation Form.

Each year states in the Deep South are recognized for their donations and certificates are presented to the top contributors.

Betty Spradley, Chairman
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Hunstville, AL 35802